To Partner or Volunteer, contact one of our steering committe members below.  If you don't see a member in your area, contact Matt Reiter, Steering Committee Chair.  We look forward to your involvement!

Steering Committee 


Dr. Matt Reiter (Chair)
Avian and Wetland Quantitative Ecologist
Point Blue Conservation Science, California, USA

Diana Lucía Eusse González 
Asociación Calidris, Colombia


Dr. David Bradley
BC Program Manager 
Bird Studies Canada

Dr. Rob Clay
Director of the WHSRN Executive Office
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences


Dr. Eduardo Palacios
Investigador Titular A
Centro de Investigación Científica
y de Educación Superior
de Esenada, Baja California
 (CICESE), Mexico

Jim Chu 
MigratoryBirdProgram Specialist
US Forest Service International Program





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